Eu-Citizenship / Cyprus Passport

Cypriot citizenship to non-Cypriot investors

Step 1 Select your property Review and choose the property/ies you want to purchase. 
Step 2, Invest Sign a contract of sale Transfer funds to a secure account. Receipt issued by 
Marebury Group of Companies.
Step 3, Submission of the Citizenship Application Submit all necessary documents to the Ministry of Interior for
Naturalisation and Immigration permit. Biometric information collected from the applicants during submission process
Immigration Permit card issued within 5 days Investor and his/her spouse can apply 
Step 4, Citizenship application approval Approval within 3 months
Step 5, Issue of the certificate & collection of passport ID The Civil Registry and Migration Department will issue the
certificate of Naturalization provided that the applicant holds an Immigration permit for a period of at least
Cypriot citizenship to non-Cypriot investors is available according to the “Scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception” on the basis of Section 111A (2) of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-201 based on a Council of Ministers decision dated 13th September 2016 which established the financial criteria where the Cyprus Council of Ministers grants citizenship by naturalization. 6 months Process to issue passport and ID takes under 1 day in Cyprus or 2 weeks at a number of Cypriot Consulates abroad. Biometric information collected from the applicants during passport issue process .
Step 6, Naturalization of children & parents (if applicable) Submit and pay the applications of minor children to be naturalized. The applications are processed within 1-2 months and they can visit Cyprus anytime to collect their papers. Adult children and parents apply following Steps 3-5 and are subject to a submission fee and approval fee.


Cyprus passport - investment citizenship in Cyprus

About the program
Since March 19, 2014, residents of countries that are not members of the European Union can 
obtain the citizenship of Cyprus for investment in unprecedented favorable conditions. As the state 
is the EU member, holders of its passports can enjoy all the advantages of the European Economic
 Area residents, including the right to work, visa-free travel, etc.
P Buy Wise Cyprus Andreas Georgiou 204 has been engaged in investment citizenship for more 
than 10 years, therefore our specialists will help to arrange it in the most comfortable mode. We will pick up real estate objects that can be bought for the Cyprus passport, as well as solve other issues.
Legislation of this country, unlike similar programs of other states, allows You to sell an investment 
asset after 3 years after receiving a passport. Another plus is a large selection of investment options, including government bonds and housing.
Very important to know that Cyprus passport is not a residence permit or a visa, but rather full citizenship of the EU-member state.
The main advantages of the Cyprus passport program
The investment asset is allowed to be sold in 3 years, while the property of the citizen must 
remain residential property for € 500 thousands.
No double taxation in Cyprus, international tax planning tool and financial confidentiality to the 
Cyprus passport holders.
The process takes less time than in other European countries: it is possible to formalize the 
citizenship of Cyprus through investments in just six months.
The minimum investment for the whole family is € 2 million plus VAT (if applicable). You can invest 
in property as well.
Cyprus legislation permits dual citizenship.
Citizens of the country can enter universities in different European countries with a reduced fee for tuition.
Investments in Cyprus allow You to become a citizen of the state without passing exams on
 language and history.
Residing in the territory of the country before, during and after registration of documents is optional.

Residents of the Republic have the right to visa-free entry into more than 150 countries.
Cyprus citizenship when purchasing real estate or other investments is provided not only to 
the applicant, but also to his spouse, parents and children (all minors and adults under 28, if they study in universities and are financially dependent).
Citizens of Cyprus have the right to enter, reside, study and work in the EU and other countries 
of the European Economic Area (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, etc.).

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